The Last King of Earth

Alien thieves planned to use our world to transfer stolen gold powder from a parallel world through teleportation, since they could not break through the parallel worlds defense. Their test failed and they could not take back the four people they sent as a final test. They were terrified, hungry without any possibility to communicate.

Martin Cane and Paul Garner appeared infront of an old, wite-hair professor. They found out that he was as innocent as they were about thier transportation. Later the same day, Jason and Suzan fell down on a strange surface. They were in the middle of a wild terrain. They were in the middle of a wild terrain. As long as they could see, there were no trees, only bushes and thick green-brown underbrush. The soil was reddish and sandy, and the sky was cloudless, peacefully blue. They could not see any sign of life at any direction, as long as they could see. After many hours of walking, they saw some big stones half burried in the sand. They got nearer and could see some ruins. Signs after civilized people and destroyers, Jason thought. How much blood has flown just here? How many battles have been fought? How many heroes have died here? He felt the smell of history passing by ā€“ blowing away by the hot air. The landscape could be beautiful to look at through a window, or, if it had been a postcard. Now it was frightening real. It was like a beautiful but poisoning flower, nice to look at but best to keep away from it. They felt their blood freezing to ice, despite the merciless midday Sun. Emptiness and fear invaded their mind. A picture of those two well-dressed beings in the middle of this strange wilderness, was certainly looking as faked, unlike their situation. "It looks like ruins of some old temple€¯, Suzan said. "It's a lot of stones half-buried in the ground. "Yes, it must have been. It was a rather usual activity at different times - smashing a temple and building up a new one, dedicated to some other god€¯. "It seems to me that shifting allegiance to different gods was also a rather usual activityā€¯, Suzan added. "Replacing a temple of Zeus with a new one dedicated to Jehovah was the result of extremely efficient manipulations and ignoranceā€¯, Jason replied. "Here are some letters on this one saying gods and goddesses may, tthat's all it says, Jason, you have to guess the rest" He heard a poem in his head, Chloe wrote a long time ago. She was an expert in the history of temples. Almost certainly, he could "see"a man busy bringing down just this particular stone. Other men did demolish the whole temple as a mission from some god, totally convinced they did something good!

The soldiers of God and the gangs of Faith
Battled against the free heroes of Fame
The Temples smashed for the glory of God
Using no words, only spear and sword

Unable to accept the new God of Strife
The heroes must defend freedom and life
The children are captives the soil is red
The soldiers won, the heroes are dead

Old temples are gone, new temples arise
The powerful dogmas the Fame revised
The God of War and the God of Faith
Only he knows he is the same

Read this wonderful story. It will occupy your mind and influence your way of thinking!

Published by:
AuthorHouse UK NY
ISBN: 978-1-5049-3937-9
ISBN: 978-1-5049-3938-6